Notes from the Chair
by Arny DiLaura
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Never Violence

Ridgefield DTC categorically condemns violence and all those who promote or exploit violence. All Americans of good conscience are shocked and traumatized by the shooting at the former president’s rally

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Accomplishing for Ridgefield

If you’d asked me, when I was first elected to serve in 2020, how I planned to get anything done as a new, unknown representative in a chamber with 150 others, each trying to get their own priorities passed, I’d have optimistically told you I’d just need to be persistent.

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Notes From The Chair
Arny DiLaura

Project 2025’s Bad Ideas Affect You

I have seen a lot of bad ideas. Sometimes they come along as stand-alones, other times in groups. “Project 2025: Mandate for Leadership – The Conservative Promise” exemplifies the latter.
The right-wing Heritage Foundation has jammed disastrous policy ideas into a 900-page document to set the agenda for what it hopes will be the incoming Trump administration.

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Arny DiLaura

Elect the Best

Ridgefield Democrats worked tirelessly over years, particularly during the last 12 months, to cast a wide net, interview broadly, and recruit the best possible candidates to represent and lead Ridgefield at every position in town government. We succeeded in nominating candidates of the highest caliber and integrity, with the strengths of character and ability to engage with the broad range of residents’ priorities, to ensure accountability, transparency, and effective, constructive local government to benefit ALL Ridgefielders.

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