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Issy & Ralph: Making Ridgefield Safe

Issy and Ralph focus on results and are proud that their policies have made Ridgefield “The Safest City in America”. * They bring to the Police Commission near lifetime commitments to public safety, experience in emergency management, and a passion for community service. They work hard and smart — to drive policies that keep Ridgefield both safe and caring.

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Democratic BOE Candidates Bring Expertise & Vision

Collaborative Leadership for Educational Excellence

➔ Implement policy of reasonable caps on class size at every grade level with consideration for student needs
➔ Support students’ physical and mental health
➔ Cultivate curricular excellence for every student path, embracing innovation
➔ Strengthen transparency to prioritize our community investment in RPS students and teachers

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SCOTUS’s “303 Creative” Ruling: Implications for CT

In 303 Creative LLC v. Elenis, 600 U.S. __ (2023), the Supreme Court (Gorsuch, J.) held that the First Amendment barred Colorado from enforcing its anti-discrimination law prohibiting “public accommodations” from denying “the full and equal enjoyment” of goods and services based on certain protected characteristics, including race, creed, disability, and sexual orientation.

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Notes From the Chair

Necessary Repudiation

As a general rule, for our campaigns, the Ridgefield DTC focuses on our candidates’ positive attributes and qualifications. We don’t employ negative attacks on our opponents. In my view, it

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