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Ridgefield Democrats Name Benjamin Nissim for IWB Candidacy

The Ridgefield Democratic Town Committee unanimously nominated Benjamin Nissim to run for a position on the Ridgefield Inland Wetlands Board (IWB) on November 7th. Nissim will replace on the ballot endorsed candidate and current IWB member, Tracey Miller, who will be leaving Ridgefield for out-of-state employment beginning in early 2024.

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Issy & Ralph: Making Ridgefield Safe

Issy and Ralph focus on results and are proud that their policies have made Ridgefield “The Safest City in America”. * They bring to the Police Commission near lifetime commitments to public safety, experience in emergency management, and a passion for community service. They work hard and smart — to drive policies that keep Ridgefield both safe and caring.

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Democratic BOE Candidates Bring Expertise & Vision

Collaborative Leadership for Educational Excellence

➔ Implement policy of reasonable caps on class size at every grade level with consideration for student needs
➔ Support students’ physical and mental health
➔ Cultivate curricular excellence for every student path, embracing innovation
➔ Strengthen transparency to prioritize our community investment in RPS students and teachers

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Notes From the Chair

Necessary Repudiation

As a general rule, for our campaigns, the Ridgefield DTC focuses on our candidates’ positive attributes and qualifications. We don’t employ negative attacks on our opponents. In my view, it

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