Democratic BOE Candidates Bring Expertise & Vision

Wyatt Lipman & Jonathan Paradiso: Focused on Excellence

Our Priorities
  1. Implement policy of reasonable caps on class size at every grade level with consideration for student needs
  2. Support students’ physical and mental health
  3. Cultivate curricular excellence for every student path, embracing innovation
  4. Strengthen transparency to prioritize our community investment in RPS students and teachers
Collaborative Leadership for Educational Excellence
  • Direct our community investment to prioritize students and teachers
    • Implement policy of reasonable caps on class size at every grade level with consideration for student needs
    • Expand opportunities for co-teaching and teachers’ career development
    • Strengthen transparency around RPS budget throughout the year to engage and inform the entire community
  • Cultivate curricular excellence
    • Offer the best curriculum available to unlock every student’s full potential, whether college-bound or on another path
    • Embrace curricular innovation that empowers students to think critically in a rapidly changing world
  • Promote healthy and collaborative school environment that enables student learning
    • Prioritize student physical and mental health
    • Support responsible approach to safety & security
    • Enhance parent communication

Wyatt Lipman: Why I’m Running

Dad to a toddler and soon-to-be newborn, I’m running for BOE to be an advocate for Ridgefield families as we invest together in the success of every RPS student. Our schools are a magnet drawing new families to Ridgefield — including my own — and driving economic growth for the whole town. I’m committed to offering collaborative leadership, motivated by the mission of continually strengthening support for teaching and learning at RPS.

In my professional life, I’m a lawyer at Google, negotiating partnerships with media and technology companies. This role requires finding common ground and focusing on solutions, an approach I’ll follow on the BOE, working side by side with other members of the Board, families, teachers, and our administrators to deliver results for RPS students.

As a community, our investment in RPS is the most significant one we make: in our kids’ development and future, and in the prosperity of Ridgefield. The BOE serves as the steward of that most precious investment, ensuring that our schools remain strong for students today and for years to come. As a member of the BOE, I promise to stand with our community to preserve and progress our schools’ standard of excellence.

Jonathan Paradiso: Why I’m Running

Ridgefield is an extraordinary community and our public schools are no exception. I’m Dad to two RPS elementary students and my wife is an educator at Ridgebury Elementary School, so I am personally committed to championing and sustaining our district’s excellence for rising generations of Ridgefielders and the shared prosperity of our beloved town.

As the spouse of an RPS teacher, I bring a valuable perspective and insight that will enhance my ability to advance the mission of the BOE. I will adhere to long-established BOE precedent and policy, and recuse myself from votes on teacher compensation and benefits, and matters governed by the union contract. As proven by the numerous examples of recent BOE members from both parties who were married to RPS teachers, these protocols effectively eliminate the possibility of both actual conflicts of interest and their mere appearance.

In my professional life, I run financial operations at start-ups and high-growth businesses where I design solutions to what initially seem to be insurmountable obstacles. On the BOE, I will operate with the same resolve and optimism, working closely with families, our administrators, and other Board members to deliver results.

The Board of Education is the guardian of our shared values and must also have the vision to equip our district and students with the resilience and adaptability required for an unpredictable future. I pledge to be a tireless advocate for our students and families and I would be honored to serve our community on our Board of Education.

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