BOE Candidates Dazzle in Non-Partisan Forum

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Democratic Board of Education candidates Jonathan Paradiso and Wyatt Lipman impressed viewers and moderators alike in a wide-ranging, non-partisan candidate forum presented on The Bobby O Show on Comcast Channel 23 and via streaming. The forum was recently broadcast and released for streaming in two parts.

Questions posed to forum participants covered a broad range of topics. Lipman and Paradiso were excellent throughout, but especially dazzled in expressing support for teaching, discussing parental rights and student learning needs, and describing their biographies and qualifications.

The Bobby O Show host Bob Opotzner, an attorney and former Democratic member of Ridgefield Board of Education, was joined by Marty Heiser, local business owner, former Republican member of the Ridgefield Board of Finance, and host of The Marty Heiser Show. Opotzner’s and Heiser’s 2023 forum was conducted according to the same substantive, highly respected, and well-regarded non-partisan/bi-partisan format the pair have successfully employed for candidate forums they conducted for municipal and state legislative election campaign cycles over the last several years.

As explained by Host Bob Opotzner at the beginning of part 1, all balloted candidates were invited. Republicans, however, categorically refused to participate. Hosts Opotzner and Heiser were thus joined by Democrats Paradiso and Lipman, and by Unaffiliated candidate Dawn-Marie Callahan.

These two episodes of the Bobby O Show comprise the only non-partisan, balanced, and expertly moderated candidate forum of 2023, as the Ridgefield League of Women Voter’s non-partisan debate was cancelled.



Click Here to view the entire candidate forum, The Bobby O Show episodes 004 and 005.


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