GOP Smear Tactics in Ridgefield

We deplore the false, misleading accusations made against one of our outstanding Democrats, Jon Paradiso, who is running for the Board of Education on November 7th on Row A with Rudy Marconi.

The baseless targeting of our qualified pro-education candidate, led by local Republicans and their collaborators, is a tactic we condemn.  Casting doubt on Jon Paradiso’s impartiality, right to serve and legitimate ballot access is election interference, reflecting the horrific state of national politics, brought home to Ridgefield.

Regardless of party affiliation, every Ridgefield voter should be outraged at this contemptible effort to disenfranchise voters and harm a neighbor and parent.  Our BOE campaign is focused on innovative ideas and solution-based leadership, listening to residents and taking the time to discuss substantive topics about education in our town. Those without ideas to offer often resort to distraction and obfuscation.

Ridgefield Democrats believe in giving the voters real choices, and real information about candidates, their platforms and their commitments to our town, our children, our schools and our Board of Education.

Jon Paradiso and his running mate, Wyatt Lipman, are the two exceptional Democratic candidates for Board of Education.

Jon is a lifelong education advocate and Dad to two RPS Elementary School students. His wife is an educator at Ridgebury Elementary School. Jon is a business professional, committed to championing and sustaining our district’s excellence. Being married to one of our esteemed teachers isn’t a crime; it’s an asset.

Wyatt Lipman is Dad to a toddler and soon-to-be newborn, running for BOE to be an advocate for Ridgefield families as we invest together in the future success of every RPS student. Our schools are a magnet, drawing new families to Ridgefield and driving economic growth for the whole town. A lawyer with expertise in complex partnerships, Wyatt is committed to offering collaborative leadership, motivated by the mission to support teaching and learning at RPS.

I urge you to not be fooled by negative campaigning, but instead evaluate and use your vote as your voice to support continuous improvement and a bright future for our schools and our community.

For more information about our candidates for Board of Education, Police Commission and others on Row A with Rudy, please visit our candidates page.

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