Lipman & Paradiso Focus on Ridgefield Voter Engagement

Democratic candidates for seats on Ridgefield’s Board of Education (BOE), Jonathan Paradiso and Wyatt Lipman (who appear on Line A, the Democratic Party ballot line), decline to participate in an unsanctioned candidate event proposed for Wednesday, November 1st, because the event will not provide positive value to voters.

Although appreciative of the three organizers’ efforts, Lipman and Paradiso observe that the majority of questions the organizers distributed do not reflect, and are unlikely to elicit answers responsive to, the priorities of most Ridgefield voters. Lipman and Paradiso also note that the event format will not offer voters an opportunity for meaningful comparison of BOE candidates’ views or experience and runs a high risk of devolving into an unproductive platform because it prevents participants from fact-checking or disputing claims made by other candidates.

In the remaining week before Election Day, Lipman and Paradiso will remain focused on their positive campaign, continuing to connect with voters about the issues that matter most to Ridgefield.


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