Ridgefield Board of Ethics Has Spoken: No Conflict

Ridgefield Democratic Town Committee applauds the bipartisan Ridgefield Board of Ethics’ unanimous decision of October 23, 2023, dismissing in their entirety the complaints submitted by Debra Franceschini and Republican Town Committee Chairman Michael Raduazzo. Franceschini’s and Raduazzo’s complaints challenged the candidacy of Jonathan Paradiso, who is standing for a seat on the Ridgefield Board of Education in the November 7th election.

The Board of Ethics decision clearly establishes that no conflict exists, no ethical violation exists, hypotheticals are not fact, and that the allegations set forth by Raduazzo and Franceschini are wholly baseless and without merit. The Board of Ethics further determined that the history of many Board of Education members who have served with family members (such as children or spouses) in District is at odds with Raduazzo’s and Francheschini’s assertions that being married to a teacher is a conflict.

We thank the Board of Ethics for their thoughtful deliberation, time, and clarity in completely dismissing these ahistorical and nonsensical complaints. If elected to the BOE, Jonathan Paradiso will conduct himself honorably, conscientiously, and in complete fealty to law, the town ethics code, and his own more stringent personal moral code. Jon’s commitment to educational excellence will be an asset to our town.


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