Elect the Best

Ridgefield Democrats worked tirelessly over years, particularly during the last 12 months, to cast a wide net, interview broadly, and recruit the best possible candidates to represent and lead Ridgefield at every position in town government. We succeeded in nominating candidates of the highest caliber and integrity, with the strengths of character and ability to engage with the broad range of residents’ priorities, to ensure accountability, transparency, and effective, constructive local government to benefit ALL Ridgefielders.

Our candidates have focused their campaigns exclusively on voter outreach, engagement, and two-way conversations with voters across Ridgefield. Democratic candidates have introduced and made themselves available to voters for meaningful exchanges, intently taking to heart the interests, concerns, and priorities important to a broad range of residents. Our priority is substantive engagement with all our neighbors.

Our nominees for Board of Police Commissioners (BOPC) and the Board of Education (BOE) reflect Democrats’ success in selecting and supporting outstanding candidates.

Our incumbent Police Commissioners, Issy Caporale and Ralph Money, have shared with voters their excellent records on police department recruiting, fiscal oversight, community policing, and their specific policy goals for enhancing and extending Ridgefield’s position as America’s safest and most welcoming town. They have eschewed meaningless politico-speak and substance-free slogans, instead diving into hard questions and key issues of local justice and safety. Caporale and Money have given voters certainty and confidence that they will continue to uphold their responsibilities and act in the best interests of our town.

Our BOE candidates, Wyatt Lipman and Jonathan Paradiso, are highly accomplished doers, who think deeply, and engage meaningfully with voters on the wide range of critical education policy issues that confront Ridgefield, including class size, school budgets, student wellness, school safety, teacher retention, and curricular innovation. They are laser-focused on ensuring that Ridgefield Public Schools continue to excel. Voters justifiably trust that Lipman and Paradiso will never bend to extremist pressures to incorporate fabricated history, junk science, or blind obedience to other ideology-driven fictions that would irreparably harm our children’s education and ability to thrive.

On any measure in any year, Caporale, Money, Lipman, and Paradiso rank as outstanding candidates that ANY town would be blessed to seat in local government, especially on such essential bodies as Board of Police Commissioners and Board of Education. In the context of Ridgefield’s 2023 election, however, they are comprehensively superior in character and abilities versus the Republican candidates: I therefore urge all people of good conscience to turn out and vote for Caporale, Money, Lipman, and Paradiso.

Cast your ballots for all the candidates on Row A, the Democratic line. Be extra diligent in registering your votes for Democratic BOPC candidates Issy Caporale and Ralph Money, and for Democratic BOE candidates Wyatt Lipman and Jonathan Paradiso. Caporale, Money, Lipman, and Paradiso have campaigned exclusively on substance and issues prioritized by and crucial to our community. They are the ONLY candidates with track records of good governance and with the expertise, experience, integrity and passion to keep Ridgefield thriving.

I thank you for your support and look forward to sunny days ahead for Ridgefield.

Vote Row A

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