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Aimee Berger-Girvalo Unanimously Nominated for 3rd Term

Ridgefield, CT (May 28, 2024): Registered Democrats in Ridgefield’s 111th State House District, meeting in caucus at Town Hall, unanimously nominated State Representative Aimee Berger-Girvalo for reelection in November. Berger-Girvalo’s

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The 2024 – 2025 Town Budget – A Summary

The Board of Finance (BOF) recently approved a proposed town and school budget for the 2024-25 fiscal year of $168,255,917. The budget includes funding for town operations and road maintenance ($45,926,330), school district operations ($115,041,000), and debt service payments ($7,288,587).

The total represents a year-over-year increase of 3.85% in spending, compared with an increase in the prior year of 4.07%. After factoring in growth of the town’s tax base (Grand List) over the past year, the proposed budget will result in a mill rate increase of 2.09% if approved by the voters at the town budget referendum on May 14th.

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Workers Need a Better Choice

No one should be forced to choose between taking care of a sick child and a paycheck. No one should have to decide between going to work with the flu and not having enough money to pay rent.

Yet in Connecticut many workers face these dilemmas every single day, torn between taking care of themselves or a loved one and making ends meet.

This isn’t just an issue of fairness. It’s also a public health matter. Too often a sick child is sent to school because their parents either can’t afford to lose a day’s pay or worse yet, lose their job. Another potential result: the illness spreads to classmates and teachers.

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The Town Budget – So How Does That Work Again?

February and March are the key months for the development of the town budget.  The development and approval of the budget is a structured process defined in the Town Charter.

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Voters Reward Democrats, Repudiate Republicans

Ridgefield Democrats scored a big victory in Tuesday’s municipal election, seating all 19 of their candidates, including First Selectperson Rudy Marconi, elected to his ninth term, along with Treasurer Molly McGeehin. As a result of this election, Democrats will retain majorities on all eight (8) town boards.

Importantly, Democratic candidates won seats on Board of Education and Board of Police Commissioners, the only two boards for which seats were contested. Conversely, the Republican BoPC candidate was defeated and Republican BoE candidates trailed far behind the Democrats.

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Ridgefield Board of Ethics Has Spoken: No Conflict

Ridgefield Democratic Town Committee applauds the bipartisan Ridgefield Board of Ethics’ unanimous decision of October 23, 2023, dismissing in their entirety the complaints submitted by Debra Franceschini and Republican Town Committee Chairman Michael Raduazzo.

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Lipman & Paradiso Focus on Ridgefield Voter Engagement

Democratic candidates for seats on Ridgefield’s Board of Education (BOE), Jonathan Paradiso and Wyatt Lipman (who appear on Line A, the Democratic Party ballot line), decline to participate in an unsanctioned candidate event proposed for Wednesday, November 1st, because the event will not provide positive value to voters.

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DTC Endorses Charter Revision Changes – Encourages YES Vote on Ballot Questions

At its October 12 meeting, the DTC voted to endorse the changes to the Town Charter recommended by the 2023 Charter Revision Commission, and to encourage all town residents to vote YES on the Charter questions on this November’s ballot. Following the meeting, Chairman Arny DiLaura said “These Charter changes are important elements to maintaining an effective Town government. We encourage everyone to vote in favor of these changes when they vote in November.”

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BOE Candidates Dazzle in Non-Partisan Forum

Democratic Board of Education candidates Jonathan Paradiso and Wyatt Lipman impressed viewers and moderators alike in a wide-ranging, non-partisan candidate forum presented on The Bobby O Show on Comcast Channel 23 and via streaming. The forum was recently broadcast and released for streaming in two parts.

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